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What to Know

Cap and Novelty is
an urban street brand based out of the queen city, Charlotte, North Carolina.

  We design clothes meant to
speak for the individual, to the masses. 
Wearing your heart on your sleeve is outdated, we wear our heart "all over" with exclusive All-Over designs, logos, and mottos with subtle details
meant to inform those around you what you stand for.


 We stand for a JUST society and most of all, TRUTH.  There is no better example of
this with our signature, Trademarked STC Official brand and Logo. 

Stop tha Cap!
goes far beyond just our motto and a cool design. 
It is a statement, a war cry, and to some, a way of life.  This is the motto meant to bring the society we live in one step closer to fairness, justice, and truth. 

We desire to promote truth and bring an end
to buffoonery. 

Will you join us?

Cap and Novelty

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Stop tha Cap! Bring an end to buffoonery.

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